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University of Washington degree

University of Washington degree

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Washington University has 24 colleges and 250 undergraduate degree programs. Covering tens of thousands of courses. Covering most disciplines in the world.   Computer science, education college. Information management, library management, bioengineering. Public relations, public health, clinical psychology, sociology, etc.
The University of Washington conceived many great inventions that changed the course of mankind

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Moreover UW people invented human vaccine for the benefit of all mankind. Drew human gene map to reveal the mystery of life. Buy fake Washington University degree online.  Presided over the design of the world’s largest b-47 and B-52 heavyweight bombers throwing atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. On the other hand, Presided over the design of the world’s largest Boeing 747 airliner. And designed the world-renowned Boeing 747 airliner DOS. The computer operating system. Invented the ethylene synthetic rubber technology, invented and designed the apple computer of the United States. The world’s largest company, drove the aircraft to break through the sound speed for the first time in human history. Cultivated the world’s semiconductor industry pioneer. led the world’s third industrial wave.  And created the Silicon Valley of the United States. Which changed the human process, etc.

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