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Berkeley diploma

Berkeley diploma

How to buy a fake University of California, Berkeley diploma, buy a #UC Berkeley degree, How to get a fake Berkeley degree and transcript? Buy a Cal degree, copy #University of California, Berkeley diploma. The land where the University of California, Berkeley is located was bought by the private College of California in 1866. However, due to a shortage of funds that year, the college merged with the state’s “Agriculture, Mining, and Mechanical Technology College”, and in 1868 On March 23rd, the University of California was established in Oakland, California. This university is also the first full-time public university in California.
In engineering, Berkeley has always kept pace with Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is at the forefront of American engineering science. Albert Einstein’s eldest son, Hans Einstein, has been a professor of water conservancy engineering at Berkeley since 1947, and he is also an authority in the field of water conservancy engineering. In order to commemorate his outstanding contributions, the American Society of Civil Engineers has also dedicated The “Hans Albert Einstein Award” was established. Lin Tongyan, a world-renowned Chinese structural engineer and father of prestress, also graduated from Berkeley, and later served as Berkeley’s professor of engineering. To commemorate him, Berkeley also established the Lin Tongyan Laboratory and is known as the “father of nonlinear circuit theory.” , Cai Shaotang, a well-known Chinese engineer who is the “father of cellular neural networks”, has been a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Berkeley since 1971. His eldest daughter, Cai Meier, is the famous “tiger mother.”