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University of Hong Kong diploma

University of Hong Kong diploma

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is a comprehensive university in Hong Kong, China. Buy a University of Hong Kong diploma. Order HKU degree and transcript online. Purchase a HKU diploma. How to make a University of Hong Kong diploma and transcript? Fake degree. Regarding the issue of the Hong Kong Master’s degree system, first of all, from the national perspective, the one-year master’s degree can be certified by the Ministry of Education’s Overseas Study Service Center. Many strange professional names can also be reviewed and modified, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of the legality of the degree and the adaptability of the major.

Secondly, there is the issue of recognition in the job market. Few companies will refuse to hire you because your master’s degree is “one-year system”.

Companies usually hire people based on two points: academic background + personal ability. In order to conduct preliminary screening, larger head companies usually pay more attention to your undergraduate school. To be pessimistic, the ones left after the final screening must be those with excellent academic qualifications and outstanding abilities. Those with average academic qualifications but outstanding abilities are basically very rare cases.

As for smaller companies, they basically cannot use international students, and they can’t afford them. Even if they do, they are some relatively special industries and positions, which are not within the scope of our general discussion.

Therefore, the objective situation of the one-year master’s degree in Hong Kong is not enough to be criticized. Compared with the 2-3-year master’s degree in the mainland, it is only different but not superior or inferior.

HKU transcript

HKU transcript

Buy a HKU transcript online. How to buy a fake HKU Master transcript? As for the one-year master’s degree not being recognized when taking the civil service examination, it is even more nonsense. There is no clear regulation restricting the one-year master’s degree in Hong Kong from being qualified to take the civil service examination. Even if there is, it is a special case rather than a general situation.

Finally, not doing scientific research but only attending classes is also the core problem of the master’s degree in Hong Kong University

In addition to the difficulty of admission and the school system, another problem that many people complain about the master’s degree in Hong Kong University is that they do not do scientific research. The basic way to obtain a degree is to take classes, take exams, and earn credits. If the credits are enough, you can graduate and get the degree smoothly.

In contrast, the master’s degree in the mainland usually completes public and professional courses in the first year, and then conducts scientific research, internships, and paper publications in the next 1-2 years. Only when all courses are passed and the number of publications reaches a certain requirement can they be qualified to participate in the graduation thesis defense, and finally the graduation thesis is passed to successfully obtain the master’s degree.

Again, the training directions of the two masters are different, and there will naturally be differences in the objective school system and training methods, but they are just differences. As for which is better or worse, it is a conclusion drawn from different standpoints.

For example, if your future development direction is to do scientific research, the one-year Hong Kong master’s degree with teaching is naturally not suitable for you, because it does not have the opportunity and time for scientific research, and it also exists to improve employability.