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Austin, where the university is located, is the capital of Texas in the United States. But  It is a city full of entrepreneurial, exploratory spirit, and individual freedom. Founded in 1835, the urban area is 767.28 square kilometers, the total metropolitan area is 11,000 square kilometers, and the urban population is about 820,000 (2011). It is the fourth largest city in Texas and the 12th largest city in the United States. Austin has always been the outstanding leader in these rankings.

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Austin’s economy has developed rapidly and is dominated by high-tech. It is one of the cities with economic growth in the United States. University of Texas at Austin diploma order.  It is a high-tech city where many high-tech companies are located, including Dell Computer, IBM, Apple, and Texas Instruments. But It is also called “Silicon Hill” because it is close to the starting point of the hilly terrain of Texas.  So which echoes Silicon Valley, a traditional electronic town in the western United States. There are more than 200 venues there and there are many performances every day. The South by Southwest Music Festival is globally well-known.