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How do I get an Australian NSW driving licence?

Australian NSW driving licence

Australian NSW driving license

How do I get an Australian NSW driving license?

Buy a fake ID. Purchase an NSW driving license. Buy a fake diploma, How to buy diploma. Driving is the most common way to travel abroad. For new immigrants to a foreign country, a driver’s license is naturally the first thing to do. The examination and management of driving licenses vary greatly in different countries. How to obtain an Australian driver’s license and how to change the license?


Getting a driving license in Australia is a relatively “long” process. It takes at least four years to get a learner’s License (L), a red P driver’s License (P1), a green P driver’s License (P2), and a Full License. As the states are slightly different, this paper takes New South Wales, where Sydney is, as an example.

Where to get a fake Australian NSW driving license?

In NSW, Australian citizens or residents can apply for a driving test after they reach the age of 16. To apply for a driving license in Australia, applicants need to pass a vision test, pass a traffic regulation computer test at the Road Authority (RTA), and obtain a learner’s driving license, as well as a Log Book for filling in driving records. Learner drivers must hold the L License plate for at least one year and practice driving for at least 120 hours in various road conditions accompanied by a driver with a Full License. Only after being signed by the driver with a Full License one by one can they apply for the road test for the red P License.


A “Red P”, also known as a “Phase I provisional driving license”, is a vehicle for the road test applicant to drive to the test. Road Authority examiners sit in the front passenger seat and give instructions to test candidates on basic driving skills. After passing the score, the applicant will receive a “red P” driving license on the spot. Starting with the “red P”, candidates can drive on their own with a red P sign on the front and back of their cars, but they are limited to a maximum speed of 90 km/h and have only four points on their license.


After holding the “Red P” for 12 months, you can apply for the road Hazard computer simulation test provided there is no record of violation. Candidates are asked to simulate driving on a computer touch screen and deal with various road conditions to evaluate whether they have good driving skills and correct coping behaviors. After passing the test, candidates can upgrade their driver’s license to a “green P,” or “phase 2 provisional driver’s license.” Drivers will be required to put green “P” plates on the front and back of their vehicles, the speed limit will be raised to 100km and the number of points on their license will be increased to seven.