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How to get a Uni Freiburg Urkunde? Can I buy a fake University of Freiburg diploma? Where to purchase a Uni Freiburg Urkunde in Germany? Buy fake diploma in Germany. University of Freiburg (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, colloquiallyUni Freiburg, English University of Freiburg), full name “Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg”, or “University of Freiburg”, located in Germany The city of Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg is a famous institution of higher learning with a long history in Germany.

The University of Freiburg was founded in 1457, when Pope Gallist III responded to the Archduke Albrecht VI of Austria and agreed to set up a school in the Diocese of Constance. The University was established by papal edict, with the Church as the entity and belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and its senior monks.

University of Freiburg master Urkunde

University of Freiburg master Urkunde

Buy a diploma online, Buy fake degree certificate online. The University of Freiburg initially had four departments, including: Theology, Philosophy, Medicine and Law. In 1820, the school was renamed “Albert Ludwig University” in order to thank the then Baden Grand Highway Dewig I for his financial support to the school. At the end of the 19th century, due to the laws of the state of Baden, the University of Freiburg and the University of Heidelberg – together became the first university in German history – to accept female students. The University of Freiburg also produced Germany’s first female MD. Purchase a fake Universität Siegen Urkunde, order a Universität Siegen diploma.

The University of Freiburg offers a wide range of majors, including: Theological School, Law School, School of Medicine, School of Economics and Behavior, School of Philosophy, School of History, Society and Philosophy, School of Mathematics and Physics, School of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Earth Sciences, Biology Faculty, Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Engineering.