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WSET Level 3 diploma

WSET Level 3 diploma

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The WSET Level 3 exam is divided into a 30-minute tasting exam and a two-hour theory exam.

The theory test is divided into multiple choice questions (50 single choice questions, 50 points) and 4 short answer questions, a total of 100 points, each big question 25 points, which is divided into about 4 points of different values of small questions.

To pass the entire theory exam, you must pass both the multiple choice and short answer questions separately and simultaneously (i.e., score at least 55%). If you fail one section, no matter how high the other section scores, you fail the whole theory exam.

The approximate pass rate in the three sections above TAFE is 99% for the tasting exam, 84% for the choice exam, 64% for the short answer, and 54% for the general.

As you can see, the tasting exam is not the hard part. In other words, passing the level 3 tasting exam does not mean that a person will actually drink it.

The 30-minute blind tasting test, which offers one red and one white still wine, does not include sparkling or fortified wines.

A blind tasting test is not a blind tasting test because it doesn’t ask you about the variety, origin, or vintage, just describes the two wines.

Remember, white wine first, then red wine.

Let’s take a look at the WSET tasting system method:

Both the classroom tasting and the blind tasting test are conducted one by one according to the items in the table above.

There are 41 points in the tasting exam, 20 for white wine and 21 for red wine. For every 1 point, you have to answer one word correctly.

A 20-point blind tasting of white wine, Color intensity (1 point), what color (1 point), odor intensity (1 point), what smell (5 points), aging (1 point), sweetness (1 point), acidity (1 point), alcohol (1 point), body (1 point), flavor concentration (1 point), What flavor (3 points), finish length (1 point), quality evaluation (1 point), drinkability/aging potential (1 point). For red wine, add tannin (1 point).

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This wine is pale lemon. This wine is pale lemon.


This wine has a medium intensity. It is youthful. The aromas are lemon, green apple, peach, lychee, and honeysuckle. This wine is medium (1 point), and young (1 point). Scents include lemon (1 point), green apple (1 point), peach (1 point), lychee (1 point), and honeysuckle (1 point).

PS: As mentioned above, “What smell” totals 5 points, that is to say, you need to write down 5 specific smells, not just “green fruit”, but must write down what kind of green fruit, such as “green apple”, “pear”. Whatever you write will get points.

Be careful about the consistency of your answers. We have already judged this wine “young”, so there are no three aromas produced by aging, such as gasoline, honey, or mushroom, otherwise, it would be contradictory. (But if this is a wine with obvious Class II and III aromas, it won’t work to just write Class I aromas.)


This wine is dry with high acidity, medium alcohol, and a medium(-) body. It has medium flavor intensity and a short finish. The flavors are lemon, apple, and honeysuckle. This wine is dry (1 point), has high acidity (1 point), medium alcohol (1 point), and medium to the light body (1 point). It has a medium (1 point) flavor concentration and a short (1 point) finish. There are notes of lemon (1 point), apple (1 point), and honeysuckle (1 point).

PS: There is a certain range of fault tolerance in this part. For example, a wine with medium(+) acidity can be scored by answering medium, medium(+), or high.

Quality assessment:

This wine is good. This wine is good. (1 point)

Size of drink:

Can drink now: not suitable for further aging. It is not suitable for further aging. (1 point)

Different from the theory examination, the grading of the tasting examination is conducted independently by the training institution, so the probability of failure is naturally very low. Before I took the exam, the teacher even wrote a little more about aroma and taste, “so we can lose you some marks.”

To sum up, in the tasting exam, as long as you drink wine carefully in every class and don’t miss points when answering, there will be no problem.