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Chattanooga State Diploma

Chattanooga State Diploma

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Chattanooga State Community College offers a variety of courses and degrees, including 50 vocational programs; three collegiate parallel degrees (Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, and Associate of Science in Teaching) with emphasis areas in the arts, humanities, and mathematics and natural sciences; 20 technical certificate programs; corporate training; continuing education; adult education, including GED preparation; Chattanooga State College High School (formerly Junior College High School); early college (dual enrollment); and community service programs.

Chattanooga State University is the only community college in Tennessee to include Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) as an integral part of its organization. TCAT offers 21 diploma programs and 7 certificate programs, has an annual enrollment of over 2,300 students, and has 1151 employees. Total fall 2012 enrollment (including TCAT, which offers non-college credit), was 11,357.