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Chicago State University diploma

Chicago State University diploma

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One is the advantage of having a high degree of education. The vast majority of international students have higher academic qualifications, which will help them successfully find a job or start a business in their home country. Of course, they must learn real kung fu abroad.

Second, foreign work experience. Many international students gain work experience abroad. The accumulation of this kind of work experience will be of great help in starting a business back home. They are more likely to succeed than those with only academic qualifications.

Third, international students not only bring back advanced overseas technologies and management concepts, but also pay attention to domestic and foreign connections and social capital, such as alumni associations, classmate associations, entrepreneurial park organizations, etc. These are intangible wealth and are beneficial to benefit own development. .

The fourth is advantages in professional fields. Learning advanced Western scientific skills will help you successfully start a business in the high-tech field.

5. Advantages of venture capital: Many successful international students have participated in venture capital, which makes it easier for them to communicate and be accepted by the financial market.

6. Domestic demand and policy support: Domestic enterprises have great demand for overseas entrepreneurship and innovation. The government provides favorable conditions for outstanding overseas students to return to China to start businesses and attract advanced foreign technologies.

CSU diploma

CSU master’s diploma

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Business administration, food marketing, decision-making and system science, human resource management, food marketing, biology, computer, criminal law, education, training and organizational development, elderly health services, health management, health education, psychology, public safety and environment, English writing, etc.

Chicago State University Teaching Features

The mission of Saint Joseph’s University is to prepare students to become mature, in-depth individuals capable of serving the world. Its teaching tradition is to care about the comprehensive development of students’ individuals and bodies, which is reflected in the school’s strict education system, as well as a positive, harmonious and upward campus atmosphere that promotes good people and good deeds. In addition, we also focus on the all-round development of students and encourage students to fully explore their potential through challenging classroom teaching, mastering learning skills and unremitting efforts to pursue perfection.