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How to make a fake City University Malaysia degree with transcript?

City University Malaysia degree

City University Malaysia degree

City University of Malaysia (City University) is a full-time institution of higher learning in Malaysia that has been certified by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and the Ministry of Education of China. Buy a fake City University of Malaysia bachelor degree. Where to purchase a fake City University of Malaysia diploma? How much to buy a fake City University Malaysia degree with transcript in Malaysia? Buy a fake Malaysia diploma. It has junior college, undergraduate, master, and doctoral education. The university offers majors such as computer science and technology, nursing, business administration, accounting and finance, accounting, applied psychology, and English, involving five disciplines: engineering, science, management, literature, and economics.

A unique feature of City University of Technology is that in addition to offering regular courses, it also cooperates with other foreign universities to set up a “credit transfer” program. Therefore, students who attend specific courses can obtain double credits issued by City University of Technology and foreign universities Bachelor of Science.

City University Malaysia transcript

City University Malaysia transcript

Buy a fake City University Malaysia transcript online. City University of Technology Malaysia is under the unified control of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Malaysian government and monitored by the Chinese Embassy. As a rigorous institution of higher education, City University of Technology is striving to be confident and self-determined without neglecting accountability and creating high-level benchmarks. Under this concept, the strict standards set by City Polytechnic University also meet the requirements of the following Malaysian and international institutions:

Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education Qualifications Agency (MQA) (formerly known as Malaysian Accreditation Authority) (LAN)

City University Academic Governance-Academic Audit

City University Teaching – Learning Assessment Matrix Business Assessment Criteria Grid

Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA)

Strategic Planning and Quality Enhancement-UEL, University of East London, UK

Quality Assurance agency (QAA) – United Kingdom

As early as the 1980s, even as a small-scale college, City University of Technology has been committed to fulfilling a major mission: to cultivate excellent graduates with strong employment advantages, good communication skills, strong innovative curiosity and lifelong learning awareness pregnancy. This mission remains the same.

In fact, City Polytechnic University (then Petaling Jaya Community College) was already one of the first private institutions to train students to study in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Many of those years’ students have returned to Malaysia and held key positions in various industries and companies.