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Purchase a fake CMI Chartered Manager certificate, buy a CMI Level 6 Diploma

The CMI Level 6 qualifications in Management and Leadership are aimed at Middle Managers aspiring to be Senior Managers and improve personal Management capabilities through effective decision-making and strategic leadership. Purchase a fake CMI Chartered Manager certificate, buy a Level 6 Diploma, buy a CMI Level 7 diploma.

Chartered Manager certificate

Chartered Manager certificate

You can study the CMI Level 6 in Management and Leadership at the Award, Certificate and Diploma Level.  buy a CMI Level 5 diploma.

The course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is delivered in collaboration with the CMI. Learners will receive access to the Management Direct online support repository as part of their registration

Once you have completed the Level 6 Diploma, you can then apply to be a Certified Chartered Manager, of which we are an approved CMI Assessment Centre. You can find more information here – Become a Chartered Manager

We now have the option for you to purchase your Level 6 Diploma as a bundle with the Chartered Manager Award included. Once you have completed the Diploma and received your certificate, you can then start the short process of completing the Chartered Manager Award.