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How to get a fake Diplôme d’études professionnelles in Québec

Diplôme d'études professionnelles

Diplôme d’études professionnelles

How to get a fake Diplôme d’études professionnelles in Québec? Buy a fake Diplôme d’études professionnelles, Buy a fake diploma in Canada. The Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP) is a diploma in Quebec. It aims to prepare for trades such as hairdresser, cook, secretary, health care assistant and construction trades such as electrician, plumber, and carpenter. A DEP generally prepares the student to enter directly into the labor market. How to get a fake diploma?

The duration of a DEP course varies between 600 and 1,800 hours.

The Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec issues the DEP, with mention of the trade or profession, to the student who has accumulated all the units of the vocational training program.