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How to obtain an Eidgenössische Hochschule für Berufsbildung diploma?

Eidgenössische Hochschule für Berufsbildung Diploma

Eidgenössische Hochschule für Berufsbildung Diploma

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The main classification of diplomas based on academic level or educational level refers to third-level degree certificates:

1. Bachelor’s degree certificate

2. Master’s degree certificate

3. Doctoral degree certificate

Diploma, in ancient times, refers to a certification document issued by the government. In today’s society, it is used to represent a person’s level of education. Although diplomas can play a certain role in the workplace, diplomas cannot be equated with abilities, nor are diplomas equated with culture.

The meaning of diploma:

1. A diploma can only prove a person’s learning experience. It can only represent the “limited” knowledge scope of a person’s education. It cannot represent a person’s knowledge and ability, and cannot prove a person’s all-round abilities and future development potential.

2. A diploma cannot be used as the only criterion to measure a person’s ability. It can only be used as a stepping stone to find a job. There are people with high diplomas who cannot find jobs, and there are people who can find high -paying jobs with even low diplomas.

3. If you have a high degree of education, you will study for a long time, and you will have more and deeper learning content; if you have a low degree of education, you will have to take the initiative to learn. Comparatively speaking , most people with higher education have a wider range of knowledge than those with lower education.