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ESIEE Paris Diploma

ESIEE Paris Diploma

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In 1991, the ESIEE space project team successfully launched a small space satellite in Kuru, which was completely independently designed by ESIEE teachers and students. The satellite’s international satellite identifier is: 1991-50 E.

In 1992, the ESIEE amiens branch was established and began teaching in the city of Amiens.

In 1995, the school established ISTM School of Management.

In 1997, the first batch of engineering students graduated from ESIEE amiens.

In 2007, ISTM School of Management changed its name to ESIEE management. In the same year, ESIEE joined the University of Paris organization.

In 2008, ESIEE (main school) officially changed its name to ESIEE Paris.

In 2012, ESIEE management was officially incorporated into ESIEE Paris.

In 2013, ESIEE participated in the launch of the ZACube satellite.

In February 2017, the University of Paris-Eastern with ESIEE Paris as the core obtained the I-SITE label of the “Excellence Program”. The University of Paris-East will compete with MIT and Delft for the world ranking in 2019.
best website to buy a degree,buy a degree UK, buy british degree review, buy an engineering degree, buy a law degree, Buy degree, buy a life experience degree, Because of France’s small but refined education (grande ecole), French universities are far from satisfactory in the world rankings. Therefore, France began to integrate universities, and the University of Paris East was born. The University of Paris East, with ESIEE Paris at its core, received a non-comprehensive university investment plan. Members of the University of Paris East are: ESIEE Paris, Ifsttar, UPEM, EAVT, EIVP and ENPC