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How much does a fake ECFMG certificate cost?

ECFMG certificate

ECFMG certificate, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates certificate

How much does a fake ECFMG certificate cost?

How long to get a fake ECFMG certificate? Fake ECFMG certificate for sale, Where to buy fake ECFMG diploma, Buy fake diploma, fake degree. Starting in 2024, if international graduates want to obtain the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certification, they need to graduate from a medical school that has been certified by the medical profession. This study found that after the medical school is certified, graduates are more likely to obtain the ECFMG certificate. This result helps us understand the value of certification and provides an evidence-based basis for ECFMG’s approach. Buy a fake ECFMG certificate.

The relationship between the passing rate of the ECFMG exam and medical school certification factors: a 10-year international study

Medical School Accreditation Factors Associated With Certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG): A 10-Year International Study

Research objectives

International graduates with ECFMG certificates can practice medicine in the United States, and their pass rate can represent the quality of medical education to a certain extent. In 2024, if international medical graduates need to apply for and obtain this certificate, they need to graduate from a medical school that has been certified by a medical professional. This study aims to explore the relationship between certification and obtaining ECFMG certification.

Research methods

Using the ECFMG database, the author created a 10-year cohort of certification applicants (from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2016), and the research subjects were medical students who had tried the ECFMG exam at least twice. The author aggregated applicant data at the medical school level and excluded medical schools with fewer than 80 applicants. The certification information of the medical school comes from the website, including the area of ​​the school, the age of the school, and the time of the first certification. The analysis methods used include: descriptive statistics, bivariate statistics, and multiple linear regression analysis that controls the age of the school and the year of first certification.

Research result

First, there is a positive correlation between whether the medical school is accredited and the ECFMG certificate pass rate. Future research should investigate why certification can increase the ECFMG certificate pass rate. Secondly, researchers are concerned about the globalization of medical education. They worry that some medical schools will provide low-quality medical education in order to cater to the international health labor market. Some people may think that a large number of ECFMG applicants for a medical school is a good thing; however, researchers found that there is not much correlation between the number of applicants and the pass rate of ECFMG certificates. The next research should focus on the motivation of ECFMG certificate applicants and explain why some medical schools have a large proportion of courses related to the ECFMG exam and have a high application rate over the years.

In addition, the impact of certification on different regions varies greatly. For example, certification has a greater impact on graduates of medical schools in the Caribbean, but not for non-Caribbean countries. This study found that when all medical schools in the world are analyzed together, there is a strong correlation between certification and ECFMG certificate passing rate, which may be due to the role of certification in the institution. Finally, the global certification system needs to be further improved. Once ECFMG requires applicants to graduate from a medical school certified by a medical professional, some applicants may not be able to apply for and obtain an ECFMG certificate. But it is comforting that only 4% of the certificate recipients in the survey came from countries without certification bodies. In the future, there is still a need to further build a global medical professional certification system.