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Flinders University diploma

Flinders University diploma

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In Flinders, teaching is considered the most important. The ratio of staff to students is higher than the Australian average, and students have more opportunities to interact with teaching and research staff. The four departments of the school offer more than 40 kinds of bachelor’s degree.

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1. The education, humanities, law, and technical colleges of Flinders University have been merged from four separate colleges and universities into a whole, covering a series of courses from bachelor’s degree to doctoral degree, and also have their own strong majors.
2. The School of Health Sciences of Flinders University not only has strong research strength, it is well-known for its research in medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, midwifery and the health of indigenous peoples both domestically and internationally. The most influential event of this school was the establishment of the Flinders Medical Center near the school. So which laid the foundation for the establishment of the university’s medical school in the future.