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Lebanese University (LU) diploma

Lebanese University (LU) diploma

Where can I order a fake Lebanese University diploma? Can you get a fake Lebanese University diploma? Fake diplomas that look real. Buy best college diploma. How to get a fake degree? The Lebanese University (LU), (French: Üniversite Libanaise or UL), (Arabic: الجامعة اللبنانية) ranks 701-750 among the low tuition public universities in Lebanon. The world is in education.

The establishment of the Lebanese University was an idea first mentioned by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hamid Frangi, in his speech at the closing ceremony of the Third UNESCO General Conference held in Beirut on December 11, 1948. Seeing the creation of the Lebanese University in the spirit of UNESCO”

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Buy fake degree. How to get a diploma? Buy a diploma. Lebanese University diploma order. The first department is the Higher Normal School and the Statistics Center. On December 3, 1951, with the efforts of many professors and well-educated people, and with the support of Lebanese President Bechara El Khoury, 68 students from the first class entered To the university.

On February 26, 1953, Official Decree No. 25 established a financial and administrative management center at the university, called the School of Finance and Administrative Management. The Higher Normal School was renamed the Higher Normal School.