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In 2014, 16 German states abolished all tuition fees for undergraduates in German public universities. So This means that both domestic and international undergraduates at German public universities can study for free, while only paying a small administrative fee and other fees per semester.

This good fortune may not last. In December 2016, it announced that the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg would reintroduce tuition fees for non-EU students from the fall of 2017. Still other states may follow suit in the coming years.

For now, low tuition fees will undoubtedly help make studying in Germany an attractive choice for potential students, and the country was previously ranked as the world’s fourth most popular destination for international students (after the United States) , UK and Australia).

Cost of living in Germany

Although many students can study in Germany for free, living expenses are inevitable. In some regions, the cost of living in Germany is more expensive than others-for example, Munich is considered the most expensive German city, with an average annual cost of about 10,800 euros (approximately US$11,645). In comparison, the average annual cost of living in Germany is about 9,600 Euros (approximately US$10,350).