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How easy to get a fake University of Canberra degree?

University of Canberra degree

How easy to get a fake University of Canberra degree?

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The predecessor of the University of Canberra can be traced back to 1967, when Australia established the first college specifically for higher vocational education and English training; in 1990, UC was formally transformed into a university. It is a modern comprehensive university under the direct jurisdiction of the federal government. It is one of the top universities in Australia in terms of comprehensive strength. Currently, it is among the top 10 universities in Australia. With excellent teaching and strong teaching staff, it enjoys a high reputation in the world.

The University of Canberra is located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. It is one of the four universities in Canberra. The University of Canberra’s graduate employment rate has remained the first in the ACT for three consecutive years, and the median starting salary of graduates is higher than the national average. The school’s teaching purpose is to cultivate students’ vocational ability, pay attention to the practicality of the courses, and the implementation of the “Combination of Vocational and Education” project has made the employability of Canberra graduates rank among the top 8 in Australia and rank 156th in the world for employability.