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uOttawa diploma, Université d’Ottawa degree

uOttawa diploma, Université d’Ottawa degree

The University of Ottawa is a research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is a member of the Canadian U15 Research University Alliance and one of the oldest universities in Canada. The University of Ottawa has long been ranked among the top ten medical and doctoral universities in Canada. The school is located in the center of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, adjacent to the Canadian Parliament Hill, with a very advantageous geographical location. Its predecessor was the College of Bytown, founded by the Immaculate Conception Church in 1848. It was originally the College of Liberal Arts. In the 1800s, it began to teach pure and applied science in French and English. In 1872, it began to award a bachelor’s degree. In 1861, it was called Ottawa College. (College of Ottawa), with formal university qualifications after 5 years; a master’s degree in 1875 and a doctorate in 1888. In 1889, it was awarded the Pontifical Charter by Pope Leo XIII and became a Pontifical University. On July 1, 1965 the university was reorganized and was no longer affiliated with a religious organization. So the original Pontifical University status was inherited by the spun off Saint Paul University.
The University of Ottawa is actively committed to strengthening the connection between the world, and its international cooperation projects involve Europe, Africa, Latin America and many other regions. Since its inception, the University of Ottawa has shown her great strength. By 2020, it has become a well-known academic center. The total number of students and faculty members in the school has reached 30,000, of which nearly 1,000 international students account for 4% of the total number of students.