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FH Aachen Bachelor Urkunde

FH Aachen Bachelor Urkunde

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Aachen University of Applied Science and Technology has 10 departments and nearly 14,000 students. About 2,000 international students from all over the world study here, accounting for about 15% of the total school population. There are 250 professors and 900 faculty members. The curriculum focuses on the combination of theory and practice, and the subject setting is adapted to the current development of applied science and technology. In view of its teaching and research strength, the university has received a large amount of funding from the government and various industrial and commercial enterprises, attracting more and more students to choose to study at the university. Get Technische Universität Berlin Urkunde, Buy a TU Berlin transcript in Germany. 

In terms of research, Aachen University of Applied Technology aims to be one of the strongest universities of applied technology in Germany. The capabilities are mainly in the energy, mobility, and life sciences of the future. The latest research is directly incorporated into teaching. Its mechanical engineering and mechatronics are ranked first among similar universities (universities of applied science and technology or colleges) in Germany.

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Aachen is famous in Europe for its concentration of universities and educational and research institutions. It is one of the important academic and research centers in Germany. One-fifth of the city’s population is studying in universities, and nearly 1,000 graduates stay in Aachen to work every year. The city of Aachen is also one of the top ten high-tech-intensive areas in the world, with nearly 80,000 enterprises, more than 1,000 scientific research institutions, and more than 3,000 scientists. It IS a HIGH-TECH center IN Europe, attracting many well-known international enterprises, such as Ericsson, Microsoft, Ford, Philips, and so on. Buy a degree from FH Aachen.

It has established partnerships with more than 130 universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, and other countries to recognize each other’s academic qualifications and transfer credits. Students enrolled in the university can also apply for transfer to partner schools in other countries. The university has the largest number of international degree programs and the best results among similar German universities. These courses for international students are taught in English, and bilingual teaching is used for professional learning so that international students can directly study in Germany without a German foundation. The university offers a four-year bilingual course in English and German for international students, with a bachelor’s degree awarded upon graduation.