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How do I get a Greek residence permit in Greece? buy fake certificate

Greek Residence Permit

Buying Greek residence permit. Get a fake Greek residence permit. can you make a fake diploma. Buy fake diploma.  First, you must obtain a long-term visa at the Greek embassy or consulate of your country of origin to stay in that country for more than 90 days. Still it is difficult to obtain a residence permit for non-EEA nationals. where can you buy a passport? How to buy Greek residence permit?
After arriving in Greece, you must apply for a residence permit (ΆδειαΠαραμανονής/ Adia Paramonis) within two months at the nearest Foreign Affairs Office
An immigration lawyer recommends that you apply as soon as you arrive, so that if the permit is delayed, you do not have to leave the country because the visa has expired. You need to show your visa. passport, copy, two photos. Medical insurance certificate. State hospital health certificate (see attachment), local address certificate (ownership deed or lease contract), employment contract (if applicable) And prove that you can be financially self-sufficient.

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In 2013, the Greek government passed a new law that grants residence permits for citizens of non-EU countries and members of their families to purchase property of 250,000 euros or more. Buy fake Greek residence permit. Where to buy passport cover? If the ownership status of the property remains unchanged. Still the residence permit can be renewed for five years. In this case, the residence time does not matter. However, this residence permit does not necessarily include the right to employment.
Health certificate
If you want to work in Greece, you must obtain insurance and obtain a Greek social insurance number or AMKA. EEA nationals for certain jobs in the military (such as preparing food or childcare) and all non-EEA nationals applying for residence permits must obtain health certificates from state hospitals.