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Irvine Valley College degree

Irvine Valley College degree

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IVC Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG)
The University Admission Agreement provides students wishing to further their studies with various levels of admission guarantees and services to help students progress smoothly to the University.
Admission requirements, restrictions, and application processes vary from school to school. Information about each school is briefly listed below.
Students can apply to any one or more university programs if they meet the school requirements, and students have the right to choose to accept admission to any school.
Successful progression from IVC
Compared with ordinary high school graduates who apply directly to the University of California or California State University, students who attend community colleges are more likely to apply for admission to the University of California or California State University. Also, students who are community schools will have priority in the process of applying to UC or Cal State. The two-year basic education program and the required specialized programs at a community college are very inexpensive. Based on past experience, students who progress from a community college to a university continue to be academically successful.