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HKUST’s Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Business Administration, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offer a wide range of courses. HKUST strives to promote interdisciplinary courses, cultivate all-round talents with creative and innovative thinking, and strives to succeed in the knowledge-based economy.
1. Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers a wide range of courses, committed to enhancing students’ university experience while responding to the ever-changing needs of society. The core disciplines of the Faculty include life sciences, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Undergraduate majors:

Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Biological Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Business (Joint School Programme)
Life Sciences
Mathematics and Economics
Big Data Science
Financial Mathematics
Mathematics Education
Environmental Science
Marine Technology
Marine Environmental Science
Master majors:

Chemistry (MSc)
Biotechnology (MSc)
Life Sciences (MPhil)
Finance (MSc)
Mathematics (MSc)
Environmental Health and Safety (MSc)
Marine Environmental Science (MSc)
Data Driven Modelling (MSc)
Nanoscience and Technology (MSc)
Physics (MPhil)
2. School of Engineering

The School of Engineering consists of six departments, offering more than 40 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes. The School is committed to contributing to Hong Kong and becoming an excellent institution with international influence.

Professional courses are as follows:

Chemical Engineering
Chemical and Bioproduct Engineering
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering
Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Management
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Science – Information Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering – Information and Communication Engineering
Engineering Business Management
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
Information Technology
Integrated Circuit Design Engineering
Intelligent Building Technology and Management
Logistics Management and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Master’s Degree:

Bioengineering (MSc)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (MSc)
Civil Engineering (MSc)
Master’s Degree: Infrastructure Engineering and Management (MSc)
Environmental Engineering (MSc)
Environmental Engineering and Management (MSc)
Big Data Technology (MSc)
Computer Science and Engineering (MSc)
Information Technology (MSc)
Electronic and Computer Engineering (MSc)
Electronic Engineering (MSc)
IC Design Engineering (MSc)
Engineering Business Management (MSc)
Industrial Engineering and Decision Analysis (MPhil)
Integrated Systems and Design (MSc)
Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MSc)
Aerospace Engineering (MSc)
Smart Building Technology and Management (MSc)
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
3. School of Business Administration
Established in 1991, HKUST School of Business Administration has gained international recognition in just two decades. The school pursues excellence, and the school’s strengths lie in high-level scientific research led by world-class faculty, a full range of subject courses and diverse and outstanding students.