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Hochschule Macromedia Urkunde

Hochschule Macromedia Urkunde

Buy a Hochschule Macromedia diploma. How long to get a realistic Hochschule Macromedia Urkunde? Copy Hochschule Macromedia degree certificate. Where to purchase a Hochschule Macromedia fake degree and transcript? Macromedia University offers approximately 35 programs leading to recognized bachelor’s degrees in management, media, journalism, music, film, art, and design. Most bachelor’s degree programs aim at 210 ECTS and a final seven semesters, including a practical semester and a semester abroad. Macromedia University’s bachelor’s degree programs also include courses in English, such as Media and Communication Management, Media and Communication Design, or International Management. Admission through numerous clauses is unlimited.

At Macromedia Graduate School, bachelor’s graduates can complete a three-semester master’s degree or complete a pre-semester first. There are three courses to choose from: Master of Business Administration, Master of Design Management, Master of Media and Communication Management

In addition, since October 2019, Macromedia University has been offering distance learning courses, including the Bachelor of Media Management and Management, which can be studied in 10 different fields of study: General Management, International Management, Marketing Management, People Management, and Business Psychology, with a BA in Management, Media and Communication Management, Brand Communication and Advertising, Media and Advertising Psychology, Event Management and Sports Management with a BA in Media Management.

In the spring of 2020, the university announced the discontinuation of the popular music program. No new students will be accepted, the last students will graduate in the winter term of 2022/23.