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How to buy a CESI École d’ingénieurs degree?

CESI École d'ingénieurs degree

CESI École d’ingénieurs degree

Buy a CESI École d’ingénieurs degree certificate. How to get a fake CESI École d’ingénieurs diploma? Purchase a CESI École d’ingénieurs degree in 2024. Buy fake degree certificate. CESI is a leading engineering school in France with more than 26,000 students and 25 campuses with state-of-the-art facilities across France. Its predecessor, Centre des Études Supérieures Industrielles, is a French graduate engineering school founded in 1958. CESI tailors a variety of courses for students in the fields of IT, digital technology, industry, construction and public works, as well as human resources and management.

2. Programme Grande École

Five-year undergraduate and master’s degree program for engineers

The Grande École program consists of two stages: comprehensive preparation stage & engineer stage.

1. Comprehensive preparation stage: enables students to acquire the corresponding scientific knowledge and prepare for the engineering stage in two years. Teaching staff will help students choose minor courses in the second year by introducing them to the professional content of the Grande École courses.

Mineure Généraliste General Studies Minor

Mineure Bâtiment & Travaux Publics Architecture and Public Works

Mineure Informatique Computer Science

Mineure Systèmes Embarqués et Electroniques Embarqués Electronic Systems and Embedded Electronics

2. Engineer Phase: This phase combines scientific knowledge with real professional skills. Students will apply the acquired knowledge in a professional environment. In the fifth year, students can choose one or two of the above four professional directions to study.

(Note: Mineure Bâtiment & Travaux Publics and Mineure Systèmes Embarqués et Electroniques Embarqués are apprenticeships at this stage, and only European students can choose)