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How to order a City University of Seattle (CityU) fake diploma?

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The City University of Seattle is located in the suburbs of Seattle (a Qiulin area of ​​the Seattle Capitol). It was founded in 1891 and is one of the 28 universities established by the Christian Church in the United States. How to buy a CityU degree online?Copy #CityU degree. Can I get a fake City University of Seattle diploma? How much does it cost to buy a fake City University of Seattle diploma? Can you buy a fake City University of Seattle degree? Does fake City University of Seattle diplomas and transcripts. How to make a fake CityU degree with a transcript?  It is also the largest independent university in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. the University. There are more than 7,200 undergraduate and graduate students studying in the university’s 8 colleges. U.S. News and World Report, in the 2007 Best Universities Ranking in the Western United States, Seattle University ranked 10th in terms of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching methods. The 48-hectare campus provides students with sufficient learning and sports venues, including swimming pools and tennis courts, a baseball field,s and many other sports venues. Seattle University aims to cultivate professional talents, adheres to the principles of fairness, integrity, and humanity, and educates students for society. The school puts student safety first and adopts professional and diverse teaching methods. In order to ensure excellent, high-quality teaching, the faculty and staff of the whole school pay more attention to the study of students’ professional courses.


College of Arts and Sciences: Anthropology, Asian Language Studies, Catholic Studies, Communication, Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, English and Creative Writing, Thought and Belief, Fine Arts, Global African Studies, History, Honors, International Research, Liberal Studies, Medieval Studies, Military Science, Modern Languages and Literatures, Nonprofit Leadership Development, Philosophy, Political Science/Public Administration, Pre-Law Majors, Major Pre-Professional Studies, Psychology, Social Services, Sociology, Study Abroad Programs, Theology and Religious Studies, Women’s Studies

El Ball Business School: Accounting, Business Economics, E-Commerce and Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Individual Majors in Business Administration, International Business, Management, Marketing
College of Education: Humanities, Liberal Sciences Pedagogy

Martell Reese College

School of Nursing

College of Engineering: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Community and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science/Software Design, Ultrasonic Diagnostics, Computer Engineering, General Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental, Public Health Service Prep

Special Academic Programs: Cultural and Language Bridge Program, Executive Leadership Program, Personal Development Studies, International Development Studies Project


Seattle University has 30 graduate programs in 7 schools and colleges with different characteristics
Seattle University has 30 graduate programs in 7 schools and colleges with different characteristics

College of Atrs and Sciences: liberal arts leadership development, criminal justice, executive leadership (MNPL), organizational restructuring and renewal, psychology, public administration, sports management, and leadership development

El Ball College of Business: Accounting, MBA, Master of International Business (MIB), Finance, Executive Leadership in Business Administration, Professional Accounting, Postmaster Certificate

Combined diplomas from Air Ball College of Business and Law: JD/MBA, JD/Master of International Business, JD/MSF, JD/MSF, JD/MPA, JD / MSc in Sport Management and Executive

Faculty of Education: Adult Education and Training, Counseling Services, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, Educational Leadership (Ph.D.), Special Needs Cultural Studies, New Policy Studies, Psychology, Special Education, Student Development Administration, Teacher Prep (full-time faculty) , Teacher of English (Teaching Students whose First Language Is Not English), Certificate Studies

law school

School of Nursing: Basic Nursing, Advanced Nursing, Community Nursing Management during Nursing Practice

School of Engineering: Software Engineering

College of Liberal Arts: Theology, Pastoral Studies, Spiritual Transfer Studies, Professional Master’s Degree in Spiritual Transfer Studies, Master’s Degree in Professional Pastoral Studies, Master’s Degree in Professional Pastoral Theoretical Studies, Spiritual and Health Studies, Pastoral Management, Pastoral Leadership Development