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How to get a fake IMD diploma in Switzerland?

IMD diploma

IMD diploma

How to buy a fake IMD diploma? Where can I get a fake IMD degree? Buy a fake IMD MBA diploma online. copy International Institute for Management Development diploma. Order an International Institute for Management Development certificate. Purchase a fake Switzerland diploma. IMD mainly offers the following two types of courses:

Degree courses: MBA courses, EMBA courses

Executive courses: public courses, customized training courses

IMD’s degree programs are jointly accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EFMD (EQUIS).

MBA Program

IMD’s MBA program is a one-year full-time program, from January to December each year (including a short summer vacation). Compared with the two-year MBA programs of other business schools, IMD’s MBA programs are quite heavy-students who need to complete a considerable number and quality of degree courses in a shorter period of time. IMD intends to limit the size of its MBA program to 90 students per session, in order to promote full communication between students, professors, and students.

Many top business schools emphasize the training of functional professional skills, and most of their graduates enter the financial industry; IMD’s MBA program pays more attention to the personal development of students, focusing on cultivating students’ management skills and leadership skills. Therefore, about 70% of IMD’s MBA program graduates go to management positions in the industry. According to the latest survey report, the average annual salary of IMD’s MBA graduates is US$142,000, which is the highest level of MBA graduates from the world’s top business schools.

Admission criteria for IMD’s MBA program include a recognized bachelor’s degree (including equivalents), (2) passing the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), (3) three years or more of full-time work experience, and  Excellent language skills – excellent written and spoken English skills plus proficiency in a non-English language.

Part-time MBA program, Buy a fake IMD MBA diploma in Switzerland.

EMBA courses are different from MBA courses in that their students are experienced managers who have developed to a certain stage in their careers. Therefore, IMD’s EMBA program attaches great importance to cultivating students’ leadership ability, business integration ability, and practical application abilities. IMD’s EMBA program has 65 students with an average age of 39 years old. It ranks fifth in the global EMBA program list of the “Financial Times” and is praised by the media as gathering the most experienced EMBA students in the world.

Executive Course

What sets IMD apart is that the Executive Program forms the cornerstone of its teaching activities. Based on the deep relationship between IMD and the industry, many multinational companies are both its customers and its partners; IMD has always been committed to developing business management training courses and research projects for corporate customers. Executive courses bring 95% of IMD’s operating income, 50% of which comes from customized training courses and 45% from public courses.

IMD has established a strategic partnership with the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These two top business schools offer jointly developed training programs on their respective campuses.