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How to get a fake Le Cordon Bleu certificate in France?

Le Cordon Bleu certificate

Le Cordon Bleu certificate

Where can I buy a fake Le Cordon Bleu certificate? Order a Le Cordon Bleu certificate online. Purchase a realistic Le Cordon Bleu certificate in France. Buy a fake diploma online. How to make a fake certificate? Le Cordon Bleu is an international college with 126 years of gourmet culture and tradition. It was established in Paris, France in 1895. With growing demand all over the world, wine has become an integral part of the art of gastronomy and related training. Since 1895, Le Cordon Bleu’s culinary art teaching has been outstanding all over the world. So what is the level of their wine management courses? Le Cordon Bleu’s wine management courses combine cooking and hotel management courses. Course selection In Paris, it is worth mentioning that the French wine estates are the ideal country for an in-depth study of wine.
Comprehensive and unique duration of 9 months (more than 600 hours, the course is taught in French with translation into English). Among them, enology (50 hours), research on viticultural countries (340 hours), business and technology (170 hours), food and beverage (40 hours), and finally a 2-month internship, there is an opportunity to go to Internships in French restaurants range from 2 to 6 months (with pay). After successfully completing the training, examination, and internship report, you will be awarded the “Le Cordon Bleu Wine Management Diploma” awarded by the Le Cordon Bleu Foundation. This is a full-time program and some activities may be required on weekends and evenings. The tuition fee for the entire course is 15,200 EUR, and the full tuition fee includes application fees, field trips, visits, and student uniform (sommelier’s apron, jacket, and trousers).

Develop skills in desserts. Courses range from basics, short courses, beginner to advanced dessert-making techniques and boutique-style desserts, as well as learning about world cuisine and its precise techniques
to bake
Learn the techniques and processes of making bread in a typical French bakery. From danishes to country regional bread, traditionally made to advanced sourdough bread, it’s all covered.
Cheese from around the world is studied from historical and cultural topics, various production methods, and the selection and combination of cheese, wine, and other beverages.
Wine and Spirits
The Wine and Spirits course provides training in wine knowledge, appreciation, and tasting. Courses range from the basics to food and wine pairing and wine management. Courses mainly include wine management, wine research, area of origin research, wine business, and technology, food and beverage, including an 8-week internship.
Gastronomy and Short Courses
For food lovers and those who want to enter the world of gastronomy, a wide range of courses are offered across a variety of disciplines, addressing time or budget concerns