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Can I buy a Lebanese University BSc diploma online?

Lebanese University BSc diploma

Lebanese University BSc diploma

Order a Lebanese University BSc diploma. How to get a Lebanese University BSc degree? In 2018, the number of students at Lebanese University reached 79,000, making it one of the largest and most important universities in the Middle East. At present, the school has 16 colleges and three higher doctoral research institutions; the provincial branches have unified their curriculum, examination system, teaching and certificates, but only the main campus in Beirut offers medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture and other majors and doctoral programs. point. The registration fee for international students at the undergraduate level is US$625-660, and the tuition is US$100 to US$130 per credit; the registration fee for master’s and doctoral programs is US$1,160, and the tuition is US$210 per credit. Where can I order a Lebanese University diploma?