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How to buy a fake London Business School degree online?

London Business School degree

London Business School degree

Buy a London Business School degree, How to order a London Business School MBA diploma? copy London Business School MBA degree and transcript. Buy a fake MBA diploma online. The MBA is London Business School’s flagship programme, designed to develop leaders with a deep understanding of global business. The MBA is a full-time programme but has a flexible length of time, with options to finish in 15, 18 and 21 months. The MBA enrols about 400 students a year, from a diverse range of backgrounds and from all over the world. About 90 per cent are non-UK students, who have worked for an average of five years and have an average GMAT score of over 700. In terms of employment, 33 per cent of the MBA students who graduated in 2012 went into consulting (78 of them went into McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group). Thirty-two per cent of the students went into finance (48 graduates went to Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi and other world-renowned financial institutions), and 35 per cent went to work in the industry. Ninety-two per cent of students find jobs within three months or before graduation. In terms of location, 47 per cent of students work in the UK, with the rest in Europe (18 per cent), Asia (15 per cent), the US and Canada (9 per cent), South America (7 per cent), Australia (3 per cent) and Africa (1 per cent). In terms of graduate starting salary, the minimum basic salary is £25,651 / year, the maximum is £144,287 / year, the average is £72,964 / year, and the median is £70,540 / year. The MBA programme costs £61,400 (2013).

How much to buy a fake London Business School MBA degree?

EMBA-Global (New York)
As of May 2022, LBS offers the following degree programmes:
Master of Management (MiM); Buy a fake diploma from London Business School. 

Global Master of Management (Global MiM, which is jointly established by LBS and the School of Management of Fudan University [80];

Master of Business Analysis and Management (MAM)

Master of Financial Analysis (MFA;

Master of Business Administration (MBA;

Master of Finance (MiF;

Master of Business Administration (EMBA;

EMBA-Globa, which is offered in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong and Columbia Business School in the United States;

Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy;

Doctoral Degree Programme (PhD)