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Norfolk State University diploma

Norfolk State University diploma

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Norfolk State University (Norfolk) was founded in 1935. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of the American College and offers associate, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral research degrees. The school has six colleges: a Business School, an Education School, a Liberal Arts School, an Engineering, Science and Technology School, a Social Work School, and a Graduate School. The faculties offer two doctoral degree programs, fifteen master’s degree programs, and thirty-six undergraduate degree programs.

Includes new optical engineering courses. Other majors include Accounting, Financial Information Management, Management, Marketing, Special Education, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science, Allied Medicine, Mathematics, Biology, Nursing, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, engineering, liberal arts, English and foreign languages, military science, music, political science, history, psychology, sociology, interdisciplinary studies, communications and journalism, child welfare education and support courses, and continuing education and rich online education.