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Order a CSCSE Certificate, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange diploma sample

CSCSE Certificate

CSCSE Certificate

Order a CSCSE Certificate, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange diploma sample. Buy a diploma, Buy a fake degree. How to buy fake degree certificate? Attention, all the friends of international students who are about to return to China, about to go to Canada, or who have just returned to China! There is an important news for everyone, that is, the new policy on the certification of foreign degrees and qualifications. In December 2017, the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education of China issued the “Notice on the Trial Operation Service of the Online Application System for Accreditation”. From December 20, 2017, the new version of the system (http://renzheng.cscse.edu.cn/) is officially open to applicants for trial operation.

Many international students may not know the news yet, or don’t understand what it means, so everyone must pay attention to it and hit the blackboard! This change is very important for all international students.

Let me talk about the importance of asking first, because every foreign student’s formal academic qualifications obtained overseas need to be certified to be recognized in China. This involves a series of practical problems such as returning to the country for employment, settling in a household, and so on.

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After the upgrade of the new version of the system, the process of applying for academic qualification certification has been simplified a lot. It is no longer necessary to submit paper materials on site, but to upload the materials required for certification.

, you need to register and apply on the certification system of the Ministry of Education’s Study Abroad Service Center, and then I bring all the materials to the scene, wait in line in the crowd for a long time, and pay on-site, which is time-consuming and energy-consuming.