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Order a fake UniBo diploma in Italy, Copy Università di Bologna fake diploma, How long to get a fake UniBo diploma in Italy? Buy diploma, Buy diploma online. The University of Bologna is one of the European universities with the largest participation in the Socrates Programme, coordinating 29 dual and joint degree programs across Europe and hosting more than 100 international programs on the internationalization of teaching and capacity building. The University of Bologna has 1,070 official global partners, including 787 in Europe, 53 in North America, 84 in South America, 76 in Asia, 22 in Oceania, and 48 in Africa. According to a recent report by the Higher Education Evaluation Council, the University of Bologna is one of the most international Italian universities.

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Officially registered foreign students about 2400 people, 2012 plan by Socrates, Erasmus program exchange program between European universities, as well as the study plan and overseas university coming to students studying at the university of bologna, buy degree certificate, about 2300 people, and through the exchange program to foreign countries to study, practice and complete the graduation thesis of the students, about 2000 people. The number of graduates with overseas study experience reached 18.1 percent in 2012. buy a fake degree.
The University of Bologna is also the only Italian university with an overseas campus. The Buenos Aires campus coordinates important research and graduate programs and collaborates with the Latin American academic community.