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How much is a fake permanent resident card in Canada?

Canada permanent resident card

Canada permanent resident card

Buy fake Canada permanent resident card, Order a fake Canada permanent resident card, Buy diploma in Canada, Buy certificate in Canada. How do I get a permanent resident card in Canada? How long is a permanent resident card good for in Canada? Do Canadian permanent resident cards expire? How much is a permanent resident card in Canada? There are two types of PR cards in circulation, the 2009 version and the 2015 version. Since the service life of all PR cards cannot exceed five years, the original 2002 version should no longer be used. Canada permanent resident card maker.

The three versions of the card have a maple leaf on the front, so they have been nicknamed “Maple Leaf Card”.

2002 version

Permanent Resident Card (2002-2009)
The card is an ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 size (often called a credit card size) document. The front of the card contains the cardholder’s photo, name, 8-digit ID number, gender, nationality, date of birth, signature, and the validity period of the card. For the back of the card, there is a light bar on the top that contains cardholder information. Below is additional information about the holder, including their immigration category, eye color and height, country of birth, and the date the holder became a permanent resident. The machine-readable area is at the bottom. The color of the card is light green, the graphics are purple and orange, and a maple leaf can be seen on the front.

2009 version

Permanent Resident Card (2009-2015)
Compared with the previous version, the 2009 version of the card, released on August 24, 2009, contains the same information as the previous version. [6] However, the design has changed significantly, with a white background color, a transparent window on the right side of the card, a second ghost in the transparent window, and the replacement of optical stripes with 2D barcodes.

PR cards issued after February 1, 2012 no longer contain the holder’s signature.

How to get a fake Canada permanent resident card online?

2015 version
The card went into circulation on November 25, 2015. The 2015 version of the card has an RFID chip and can be used for future land transits. Unlike the biometric chip in the Canadian passport, the RFID chip does not store any personal data, but a unique identifier. When entering Canada from a land port of entry, the RFID chip in the PR card will be read by an RFID tag reader. The unique identifier is then transmitted to a secure database, and the CBSA officer retrieves the permanent resident’s information, and the CBSA officer can obtain the information even before the vehicle stops at the checkpoint. [5] The design is similar to the 2009 version, although the image of the Peace Pagoda is displayed in the background. The new version also deletes the immigration category and two-dimensional barcode on the back of the card. Buy fake Canada permanent resident card,  Buy diploma in Canada, Buy certificate in Canada. How do I get a permanent resident card in Canada? How long is a permanent resident card good for in Canada?

New permanent resident
You need to provide your Canadian residential address when you log in. If a Canadian address cannot be provided at that time, an address must be provided to IRCC within 180 days. Otherwise, a new application will need to be made to the IRCC processing center in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and the applicant will have to pay a fee of $50. [9] If the applicant provides an address before the 180-day deadline, the first PR card will not be charged.

Existing permanent residents and renewals
As of June 28, 2002, permanent residents and new permanent residents who did not provide Canadian residential address, or their permanent resident card has expired, lost, stolen or damaged, must apply to the IRCC processing center in Sydney, Nova Scotia. card. The applicant must prove that he or she has lived for at least 730 days before the five-year period for the card renewal application. The fee is 50 Canadian dollars. In some cases, the permanent resident card must be picked up in person at the IRCC office in Canada.

The validity period of the PR card is usually five years. However, for those whose PR status is being assessed by IRCC, it may be valid for one year.

Since permanent residents must fulfill their residency obligations (at least 730 days every five years) to renew their permanent resident card, all valid permanent resident card holders are deemed to have not lost their permanent resident status and have the right to enter and stay during this period Canada. The validity period of the card. However, if the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer at the port of entry believes that the permanent resident may not meet the residency obligation, the person may be reported to IRCC and may be required to attend a hearing to determine his or her permanent resident status.

The expiry date of the PR card does not mean that the holder’s permanent resident status has expired or will expire on that date. This is the date when the card must be replaced with a new card