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Purchase a IST-Hochschule für Management Urkunde

IST-Hochschule für Management Urkunde

IST-Hochschule für Management Urkunde

Buy a IST-Hochschule für Management Urkunde. How to get a fake IST-Hochschule für Management diploma? Buy a fake IST-Hochschule für Management degree. Buy fake diploma. Order fake diploma. IST University of Applied Sciences is located in Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), a state with highly developed economy and education in Germany. It is one of the universities of applied sciences recognized by the German state. The undergraduate, master and MBA business administration programs offered by our school have all been certified by FIBAA, an international higher education quality certification agency. FIBAA is one of the highest degree certification agencies in Germany. Students can obtain internationally and nationally recognized degrees upon graduation. According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), students’ academic achievements can obtain corresponding credits, which are highly competitive and recognized internationally.

IST University of Applied Sciences is a university focusing on special education in the fields of tourism, health care, and sports industry. Its majors include business administration, tourism management, hotel management, sports marketing, health care, etc. The characteristics of these courses are high quality of course teaching and practice-oriented. Through close cooperation with enterprises, the teaching mode is diversified, and the practical links are closely combined with theoretical learning and on-site seminars. Advanced remote teaching technology such as online classrooms are also adopted. Among them, the comprehensive management professional courses are specially designed for the international market. The course content not only includes improving the management skills of enterprises and organizations, but also includes employment guidance for graduates.

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IST-Hochschule für Management Urkunde for sale. The biggest feature of the German IST University of Applied Sciences is its close cooperation with enterprises and industry associations, and its continuous innovation in talent training and teaching methods to better adapt to the needs of enterprises and society. At present, it has cooperated with more than 300 companies in Germany to jointly train “dual-system college students” in 16 different professional fields, which has been welcomed by the business community. In 2018, it won the “Best Student Evaluation Reputation Award” in Germany.

The students of this project are in the seven-semester training cycle of the undergraduate stage in Germany, among which the theoretical teaching is implemented by the German University of Applied Sciences. After the students pass the course examinations offered by the school, the school will issue a bachelor’s degree certificate.