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Quickly purchase a Scannable Virginia Driver’s License

Virginia Driver's License

Virginia Driver’s License

Quickly purchase a Scannable Virginia Driver’s License, Buy a Virginia Driver’s License online, How to buy a fake diploma? some drivers whose driver’s license expired in West Virginia may not be eligible for the simple renewal procedure. In these cases, the driver will be required to retake the state driving test to obtain a license. In addition, drivers can still renew their license within six months after their license expires without any retesting. Drivers who move from another state cannot renew an expired driver’s license in West Virginia, but must apply for a new driver’s license in that state.

West Virginia DMV license renewal options
West Virginia residents must submit an application for driver license renewal every five years. The initial driver’s license is valid for three to seven years, depending on the driver’s age at the time of issuance. Drivers registered in West Virginia can choose to renew their licenses online, by mail, or in person at the local DMV licensing agency. All applicants for license renewal must pass the vision screening.