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What is watermark paper and how does it look like?

watermark paper of degree

Buying AQA certificate . AQA watermark paper certificate. How to get fake diploma? The size of watermark pattern can be determined according to the specific needs of customers. It is not recommended that the size of watermark pattern is too large. For the use of paper, But it is recommended that the color be light. Such as white. High-quality, uncoated paper.  Still the thickness range is between 60gsm and 250gsm.  At the same time. The cost of paper depends on the paper selected. If the customer needs to print 4-color or spot color graphics. And texts on the paper at the same time. Still It is recommended to deal with the watermark effect first. And then print the graphics. And texts later. Customers pay more attention to the light transmittance of the watermark.

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Suitable for the protection of enterprise brand products. After a long time test, the durability of the two is not different, fake degree holders. Online fake certificate. But they can be printed, printed and written on paper. Which has little impact on the watermark effect
Beautiful and three-dimensional. With simple and clear patterns and better sense of transparency
The texture is strong. With a strong sense of hierarchy and smooth texture.
Chromatographic information function paper.
Chromatographic information function paper can be used in all fields of traditional watermark paper. Its excellent cost performance. Still anti-counterfeiting effect make chromatographic information function paper undoubtedly become the first choice of watermark paper alternative products.