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How to Buy a Realistic TOEIC Certificate in 2024?

TOEIC Certificate

TOEIC Certificate

TOEIC levels correspond to their scores: Buy a TOEIC Certificate online, How to get a TOEIC Certificate? Order a TOEIC diploma. Diploma maker. How to make a fake diploma?

1. 805–990 excellent;

2. 655–804 advanced;

3. 555–654 intermediate and advanced;

4. 405–554 advanced starters;

5. 305–404 intermediate starters;

6. 205–304 junior starters;

7. 10–204 low-level starters.

The main purposes of TOEIC:

1. Application of TOEIC (TOEIC) test in enterprises:

The TOEIC test is mainly used to test the ability of non-native English speakers to actually use English in an international business environment. Companies often use the TOEIC test to evaluate training results, select employees for overseas training, recruit employees, and promote internally.

2. Application of TOEIC (TOEIC) test in studying abroad:

The (TOEIC) examination is highly scientific, reliable and practical, providing technical reference standards for colleges and universities to cultivate outstanding international reserve talents. Thousands of colleges and universities and higher education institutions use the TOEIC (TOEIC) test to understand students’ English communication skills during the admissions process.

3. Application of TOEIC test in immigration

The British new immigration system recognizes TOEIC test scores: The British Border and Immigration Administration has recently begun to implement a new immigration system based on a points system. The TOEIC test is approved for use in this system and is used to test the English proficiency of immigrant applicants seeking job opportunities in the UK.