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University of Birmingham Bachelor of Arts degree

University of Birmingham Bachelor of Arts degree

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The main campus is located in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham, 4.8 kilometers southwest of the city center of Birmingham. 25 acres (100,000 square meters). Donated by Lord Cathorop in 1900. Sir Charles Hochlof provided sponsorship funds, Andrew Carnegie donated £50,000, and it was built with reference to the planning and design of the Cornell University campus.

The main campus is located in the southwest of Birmingham. The campus has the only campus railway station (University station) in the UK. This station is located at the west gate of the main campus. It is close to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the largest single site in the UK, from which it reaches the center of Birmingham. (New Street station) only takes 10 minutes. In addition, there is a canal passing through the main campus, and you can also choose to take a boat and sail through the canal to experience different travel methods. There is also a trail next to the canal. Every morning, many people run along the trail for exercise.

The Selly Oak campus is about 2.5 kilometers south of the main campus. Formerly an alliance of nine schools, including theology, social work, and teacher training. These schools used to be associated with the University of Birmingham until the opening of the new library Orchard Learning Resource Center (Orchard Learning Resource Center) in 2001, and many schools closed one after another. Among them, Westhill College was merged into the Faculty of Education of the University of Birmingham in the same year. Only two schools remain Woodbrooke College and Fircroft College. Woodblock School offers a Protestant Quaker MA program and is Europe’s center for Quaker studies. The Philcroft School is a small adult education school with a board and board.

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Five colleges

In 2008, the University of Birmingham was reorganized into five colleges, with many secondary colleges (schools) underneath.

College of Arts and Law: College of English, Drama and American Canadian Studies; College of History and Culture; College of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music; Birmingham Law School; College of Philosophy, Theology, and Religion

School of Engineering and Physics: School of Chemistry; School of Chemical Engineering; School of Civil Engineering; School of Computer Science; School of Electronics, School of Electrical Engineering; School of Mathematics; School of Mechanical Engineering; School of Metallurgy and Materials; School of Physics and Astronomy

School of Life and Environmental Sciences: School of Biological Sciences; School of Earth Sciences, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences; School of Psychology; School of Sports and Exercise Sciences

School of Medicine and Dental Sciences: School of Cancer Sciences; School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine; School of Dentistry; School of Health and Population Sciences; School of Immunology and Infection

School of Social Sciences: Birmingham Business School; School of Education; School of Government and Society
Undergraduate Program Majors

Chemistry, Pre-Mathematics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Fundamentals of Physics, Fundamentals of Engineering, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Fundamentals of Metallurgy and Materials, Fundamentals of Chemistry, Computer Science and Business Management, Computer Science and Art, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology , Continental European and Biochemical Studies, Biochemistry (Genetics), International Business, Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, International Business and Communication, Biology, Biology and Continental European Studies, Environmental Biology, Microbiology, Plants Biology, Zoology, Human Biology, Chemical Engineering Fundamentals, Medical Biochemistry, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, English Language and Literature Education, Environmental Geology, Geography, Geology, Paleontology, French Studies, German Studies, Spanish Studies, Italian Studies, Mathematics and Business Administration, Modern Languages, Music, Psychology, Kinesiology, Economics, Mathematical Economics and Statistics, Currency, Banking and Finance, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, European Politics, Society, Economics , Natural Sciences, International Relations, Russian Studies, Sociology, Materials Science, Business Administration, Physiotherapy, Political Economy, Accounting, Dentistry, History, Dramatic Arts, Archeology, Philosophy, Medicine, Classics, Nursing, Law, Society Work, Law, Religion, International Health, Mechanical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Art History, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Chemistry and Pharmacology, Chemical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Materials Science, Metallurgical Engineering, African Studies, English, Nuclear Science, Theology, etc.