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University of Liège diploma

University of Liège diploma

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The University of Liege has more than 20,000 students and 4,000 faculty members. In degree programs alone, there are 38 bachelor’s, 93 master’s, and 68 advanced master’s programs, as well as 18 doctoral and post-doctoral programs. The University of Liege is a member of the Walloon-European Graduate School Alliance; It is also one of the EQUIS accredited universities; He has participated in a number of major European and international research projects, especially in the fields of management, economics, psychology, philosophy, space and aerospace, astronomy and other fields, and his research achievements are universally recognized.

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The university has produced world-famous Nobel Prize winners and made outstanding contributions to the development of human culture and economy. The vast cosmic sky contains stars and nebulae discovered and named by the forefathers of the University of Liege.

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