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Which majors are better for studying in Germany?

1. Professional prospects in Germany

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1. Business

Germany is located in the middle of Europe and has had frequent trade exchanges since ancient times. Germany is now a world economic powerhouse, and many of the world’s top 500 companies are German companies. Studying business in Germany also has unique advantages, where students can learn the top business management concepts. In the “Financial Times” business school rankings, there are many German institutions on the list, such as: Mannheim Business School, European School of Management and Technology Berlin, Frankfurt University of Finance and Management, WHU Business School, HHL Business School and Cologne University etc.

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2. Economics

The strength of the German economy is obvious to all. The German economy has been called “the locomotive of the European economy”, and its GDP accounts for one-third of the EU’s. Economics is also a leading subject in German universities. Here we list a few schools for reference: University of Mannheim, University of Munich, University of Münster, University of Frankfurt, University of Leipzig and University of Nuremberg.

3. Medicine

Pharmaceuticals are a strong item in German industry, with the pharmaceutical industry having the second highest turnover in German industry. Coming to Germany to study medicine can give students a lot of internship opportunities while gaining knowledge. For example, Heidelberg University has scientific research institutions such as the German Cancer Research Center, and its research results enjoy a certain reputation in the world.

4. Environmental Science

Germany is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection, and environmental protection research and power research have become the main points of multidisciplinary research. Environmental engineering is the science and technology of researching and engaging in the prevention and control of environmental pollution and the improvement of environmental quality. Environmental engineering is related to ecology in biology, environmental hygiene and environmental medicine in medicine, and environmental physics and environmental chemistry. German universities have many strong majors and unique majors in environmental protection. They not only have outstanding teaching ability, but also lead the world in scientific research.