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Universidad de La Habana degree

Universidad de La Habana degree

The University of Havana (Spanish: Universidad de La Habana, abbreviation: UH), abbreviated in Chinese as Habana, is located in the Vedado district of Havana, Cuba. How to buy a fake Universidad de La Habana diploma? Where can I get a fake University of Havana diploma certificate?  It was built on September 21, 1721. It is the oldest university in Cuba and one of the first in the Americas. Buy a fake diploma in Cuba. 

Department of Pharmacology and Food Science, Department of Economics, Department of Finance and Accounting, Department of Geography, Department of Physics, Department of Cybernetics and Mathematics, Department of Biology, Department of Law, Department of Psychology, Department of Art and Literature, Department of Philosophy and History, Department of Journalism, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Advanced Social Studies, Department of Chemistry and Department of Self-Study Instruction.

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The University of Havana attaches great importance to the education of art and aesthetics, and this work is actively supported by experts and scholars from other universities as well as famous writers and artists throughout the country.

The university has seven scientific research institutions accredited by the Cuban Academy of Sciences: the Institute of Materials and Reagents, the Centre for Marine Studies, the Centre for Population Studies, the Centre for International Economic Research, the Centre for Research in Natural Sciences, the Laboratory for Synthetic Materials and the National Botanical Garden.

The other seven research centres are the Centre for Higher Education Studies, the Centre for American Studies, the Centre for Guiding Technology Studies, the Centre for Cuban Economic Studies, the Centre for Socio-Cultural Studies, the Centre for Political Studies and the Centre for Social Development Studies.