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University of Oslo diploma

University of Oslo diploma

Order a fake University of Oslo diploma certificate, fake University of Oslo diploma diploma, copy a University of Oslo degree certificate. The Lucerne School of Art and Design is a national art and design university in Switzerland, located in the German-speaking region of Lucerne in central Switzerland. Buy a fake University of Oslo diploma, The school was established as the Lucerne Academy of Fine Arts in 1877, with a history of 140 years. It is the first art school in Switzerland to introduce the German Bauhaus design education system. Teaching is based on innovation and practice, and is oriented to an art and design college that combines society, literati, economy and art. It has an important position in Swiss art and design education. The school is based on national and international standards for research, scientific research development and other labor services in applied arts and sciences.

The quality of teachers in the college is high, the ratio of teachers to students is quite reasonable, and students can get good guidance. It has a modern library with a rich collection of books, which can provide students with various books and materials, including the necessary textbooks for various courses. Open to all students and teachers.