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Hochschule Luzern Diploma

Hochschule Luzern Diploma

The University of Lucerne focuses on the humanities and social sciences. How to get a Hochschule Luzern diploma, Buy a realistic Hochschule Luzern bachelor diploma, Purchase a fake Hochschule Luzern degree, Buy a master diploma from Hochschule Luzern.  It has three faculties: the School of Theology, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Law. It provides higher education at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. The main language of instruction is German.
The undergraduate majors offered include History, Social and Communication Sciences, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science, Judeo-Christian Studies, Religious Studies, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Theology, Law, etc.
Master’s programs include church music, philosophy, cultural studies, religion, economics and politics, sociology, theology, comparative media studies, world society and world politics, religious studies, history, etc.
Doctoral programs include History, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Economics, Religious Studies, Theology, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Judeo-Christian Studies, and more.
In addition, the University of Lucerne offers a series of training courses as well as continuing education courses.